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Samples and Resolution

Example for Image Resolution

Resolution is the quality of the image. With an increasing number of pixel, the image becomes more clear, sharper, more defined. In other words more details are clearly recognizable. The reason for that is, resolution equals the amount of information: a certain number of dots in a given space. If we speak about "240 dpi" it says 240 dots per inch. This is indeed a lot of information. Of course it is sufficient for most printing demands. To get a better understanding of the relationship between image resolution and image quality, have a look at the following pictures.


The following pictures are created in different resolution that you can easily see how image quality changes. Feel free to download them and to place them in your layout program just to find out, if the resolution fits your requirements (click on the download link and then save the image). This might help to find out how much resolution you need for a particular purpose.

Alpha Channel

Sometimes products are placed in front of various backgrounds. This can easily be done if parts of the image are removed. For 3D images it is possible to define an "alpha chanel". This works like erasing all background imformation, only the product image remains. With an digital image processing program like Photoshop you can keep the product image information and place behind it whatever you want to. Other programs like Illustrator or InDesign support "Alpha Chanels" aswell.

Unfortunately images with an alpha chanel need more memory and disc space. Usually they are provided as .psd (photoshop) or .tif file or .eps file. It is important to understand that images with an alpha chanel needs more care to achieve accurate results and it takes a lot more time to download them as the associated file format (.tif or 24bit PNG) creates larger files.

32 Bit Files

It is possible to generate 32 Bit files, which means that each color chanel shows plenty more different tones and nuances of colors. This is very useful for changing only partially colors of an image without affecting the smoothness of its shades. Images with 32 Bit color depth are provided on demand.

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