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Coated Steel Segments (P)

Item: a3mok9l4_p_byv

NOTE: This offer is a image package with more than one image. For details, please scroll down. All images are shown there and you'll find a pdf file for downloading including more details about the package.
Keywords ( searchable )
Image Composition: application, complete view, half-round, schematic,
Image Environment: white,
Surface/Material: coated, coloured,
Edges: polished,
Material Thickness: t = misc.,
Product Height: h = misc.,
Keywords: 8 bit; rgb; coated steel; detail view; details-surfaces-production; keywords assigned; production; published; singular product; t = misc.; white, a71a4dbf_byv
The package includes the following images:

Please have a look to the following PDF file.
It shows exactly (no compression) and in detail what is included
into the package:
Download overview for: a3mok9l4_p_byv.pdf
The packages are offered with two different image resolutions:
4000 x 2667 pixel or 1200 x 800 pixel.

Description ( searchable )

Package: 10 images included in one package about coatings. The images show round segment of coated steel with different surface properties such as thickness and glossiness, and double sided coatings. The images can be used as abstract illustrations. Add lines and names to the different layers.
All files are: 8 Bit, RGB

Download overview for: a3mok9l4_p_byv.pdf

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