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Coating Night Blue

Item: g7ms334f_byv

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Keywords ( searchable )
Image Composition: application, complete view, half-round, schematic,
Image Environment: white,
Surface/Material: coated, coloured, metallic, satin,
Material Thickness: t = misc.,
Product Height: h = misc.,
Keywords: 8 bit; jpg; rgb; application; coated; coil; complete view; details-surfaces-production; h < 80.0 mm; half-round; metallic; satin; schematic; semi glossy; singular product; t = misc.; white, g7ms334f_byv
Description ( searchable )

Three layer coating for the outside and a two layer coating for the inside.
Color of the outside coating layer: Night Blue (~RAL 5022);  gloss degree of the varnish: semi-glossy, metallic; inside coating: Cream (~RAL 9001)
Fileinfo: 8 Bit RGB (nearly identically to CMYK)

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Night Blue (~RAL 5022)
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