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Trapezoidal Profiles

sinusoidal illustration

Trapezoidal profiles are the most commonly used cladding product for the industrial building envelope. An enormous range of cross-sections for almost any desired application are available. Trapezoidal profiles are used for wall cladding, roofing. Low weight and high stability (especially at higher profiles) allow to cover and span large areas freely. Many years of experience make trapezoidal profiles proven and relyable solutions for modern industrial buildings. From cost-effective solutions for agricultural bams and sheds to sophisticated or colourfull designs for industrial buildings - trapezoidal profiles are rich in suprising solutions and unique details.

Trapezoidal sheets are offered in many different colours, coatings, materials and product specific modifications like perforation, translucent sheets, bended sheets and anti-condensation coating. The cladding sheets can be used in vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction.

sinusoidal examples

The illustration above shows some example cross-sections.