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U-Sheet Piles

illustration u-sheet pile wall

cross-section larssen 25
Typical U-Sheet Pile: Larssen 25
height (h) = 420 mm
width (w) = 500 mm
thickness web (s) = 11.5 mm
thickness flange (t) = 20.0 mm
weight = 103.0 kg/m

This is an example of a hot rolled U pile sheet. Other products of the same series include (amongst others): LARSSEN 755; LARSSEN 703; LARSSEN 704; LARSSEN 600; LARSSEN 601; LARSSEN 602; LARSSEN 603; LARSSEN 604; LARSSEN 605; LARSSEN 628; LARSSEN 23; LARSSEN 24; LARSSEN 25; LARSSEN 43.
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