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Five Squares H100

Item: ab7jm9b4_byv

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Keywords ( searchable )
Image Composition: composition, detail view, one product type, stack, topview,
Image Environment: highlighted, shadows, studio,
Surface/Material: aluminium, brushed, semi-glossy,
Edges: beveled, semi-glossy,
Product Height: 81.0 - 100.0 mm, h < 80.0 mm,
Keywords: 8 bit; 81 to 100 mm; rgb; aluminium brushed; aluminium brushed heavy; bars; brushed; detail view; edges matte; h > 80.0 mm; long product; one product type; polished; semi glossy; shadow; squares; stack few; studio, ab7jm9b4_byv
Description ( searchable )

A stack of five squares H100 mm in studio environment with shadows; arranged from top; detail view; cut goods.
Material: aluminium heavy brushed, front matte, edges beveled.
Dimension: H100 x L-misc
Fileinfo: 8 Bit, RGB

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