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About us is initiated and maintained by a crew in Aschaffenburg, Germany. Responsible for the content and the marketing strategy is Andreas Mielke. Based on many years of experiences working for steel manufacturing companies it is our objective to offer professional services. The target markets are those of the European Union and its neighbouring states. Please find more information about the next steps for this portal.

For comments and individual requests please use the contact form.

The Image Database

Images and illustrations are created and put together by various people. I prefer working with "Blender" ( on Linux machines and of course the final touch is always done with Photoshop. As an exciting  experience we consider working with Studio Max, for which we own a license.
Two-dimensional illustrations like cross-sections and schematic views are almost done with Illustrator. We are looking forward to offer series of technical illustrations with the ability to change and edit font-size, font-color and font-family.

Technical Information

While every effort has been made to provide accurate information on our website, please verify any figures and numbers in consultation with your technical staff. Additional, please consider technical information on this website only as rudimentary description. However, we cannot issue any guarantee concerning the accuracy of the information. On the other hand we would be grateful to you if you inform us about mistakes you have found. Thank you.