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Manufacturing Overview

Based on commercial classifications you find here a structured overview about metal products and properties.

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Standardisation Institutes

List and weblinks to the European Institutions for Standardisation. The "European Commission Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry" itself has an official homepage with comprehensive information. It aims: "The European Commission's Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry has the mission to promote a growth-friendly framework for European enterprises. It has a key role in the Europe 2020 agenda of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth." For more information please visit:

For a list of the local institutes please click on the icon.

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Test Methods Coil Coates

This page is an introduction to the analysis methods of coil coates and their related EU standards. Coil sheets are coated by continuous coating lines in which layer of corrosion protection and paint are added to the substrate. Various tests concerning paints cover gloss, hardness, adhesion, corrosion, solvent resistance, resistance to humidity, different environmental conditions. For exact details and tolerances please refer to the EU standards available at the European Institutions for Standardisation.

For an overview about the different coil coating test methods please click on the icon.