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Custom Advertisements

At the moment we do not offer the opportunity for placing custom advertising.
Due to the requirements of our marketplace we decided to decline this offer.

The website offers some targeted page locations for placing advertisements. The following list (and the pictures below) shows the different locations. As you can see the possibilities are limited. Other places maybe aswell possible but have not yet been implemented. For other banner locations or different banner sizes please get in contact to us.

  • page: "Homepage" - right column 360 x 120 px; (preview image top-left)
  • page: "Manufacturing" - top banner each 338 x 100 px; (preview image top-right)
  • page: "Hot-rolled Sections" - top banner each 338 x 100 px; (preview image bottom-left)
  • page: "Special" - right column 360 x 120 px; (preview image bottom-right)

Target Groups

The website target groups are metal producing manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators and their supporting service companies. For these parties the website offers seperate support:

  • dwg files for many hot-rolled sections (will be extensively extended including cold-rolled sections)
  • market information about events and companies
  • metal product images for marketing support

Our middle-term forecast covers the development of a trading platform for metal products. This significant enhancement needs well planning with regard to its technical requirements.


Since we are still hard working on enhancing the offers covered by the brand build your visionĀ® right now the costs for placing your advertisement banner on are on a low level. For details please get in contact to us.