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The blog offers second hand information. It involves process engineering, resources, history or even visual representations that meet our objectives for the website. The blog posts will be complementary to the image database and the manufacturing area.

Image Creation

The Blender software covers all aspects of the most demanding 3D image creation process. An example of a simple scene may show some of the fundamental settings. With every challenge comes an opportunity. The challenge here is to make simple products interesting and complex products still easy visually recordable.

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The Beauty of Colours

Many different colour systems are used for coloured metal products like RAL Classic Colours, RAL Design Colours, British Standards 381C/4800/5252, DIN 6164, NCS 1950 and many more. The mathematical definition of the particular colour is done by different descriptive colour systems like Cie L*a*b*, HLC, sRGB and others.

The following design examples for coated steel sheets orientate themselves to the Cie L*a*b* values of the specific colour. Some can be reviewed like RAL Classic Colours on wikipedia or British Standard Colours on The transformation to sRGB colours for processing the images are device depending. We used a common transformation programm to get reasonable results for sRGB and Hex values. Please consider the images for guidance only. The colours of the final coated product may not be as shown here espacially metallic colours cannot be shown adequately.

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Samples and Resolution

Example for Image Resolution

Resolution is the quality of the image. With an increasing number of pixel, the image becomes more clear, sharper, more defined. In other words more details are clearly recognizable. The reason for that is, resolution equals the amount of information: a certain number of dots in a given space. If we speak about "240 dpi" it says 240 dots per inch. This is indeed a lot of information. Of course it is sufficient for most printing demands. To get a better understanding of the relationship between image resolution and image quality, have a look at the following pictures.

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