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image invitation

Next to the official events like fair, show and exhibition many companies offer presentations and inhouse conferences to present themself and/or to introduce new product enhancements/innovations. We know how difficult it is to have all those target groups become aware of inhouse events.

This is exactly the point we would like to assist both parties. As event organizer (company) you are able to place your invitation here on including a description, recommendation who should attend, and the subject of the presentation. Additional you can add your invitation flyer for downloading.

On the other end those who want to be informed about company events should subscribe to our "invitations newsletter". A preselection about issues/products of interest is possible and can be adjusted at any time. Monthly you will recieve then our newsletter including those events matching your choice (presupposed the event has been made available here).

Others who just visiting our website e.g. enter the page "invitiation" might browse all invitations uploaded here if not otherwise specified during upload by the inviting company.