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Fabricated Products

Fences, doors, gates, windows, handrails or heavy large and complex fabrications will be covered here. The fabrication process involves bending, cutting and welding metal to form a specific structure or product.

For the construction industries steel can be developed into nearly any shape. Skeleton of buildings, complex roof structures, huge industrial buildings, bridges, plants, stadions, i.e. are all challenging tasks and technically solved by complex steel constructions. Reinforced concrete have a special position. The steel products used for this purpose like rebars or meshes are covered on the page "manufacturing overview".

On the other hand, some "assembled" products are quite simple like fences, handrails, stairs or floor grilles with countless variations and modifications. So we start, with some common products widely used in the field of steel construction. Over time this part of our website will be replenished with new pages linked to the image database wherever appropriate images available.

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  • In preparation ...