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Test Methods Coil Coating

Hereafter the corresponding EN standards for testing coates on metal coil products.
For more information about a single item click on the icon where enabled. More detail pages about testing methodes are in preparation.

Document Content
EN 13523-1:2009 General introduction
EN 13523-2:2001 Specular gloss
EN 13523-3:2014 Colour difference (CIELAB)
EN 13523-4:2014 Pencil hardness
EN 13523-5:2014 Resistance to rapid deformation (impact test)
EN 13523-6:2002 Adhesion after indentation (cupping test)
EN 13523-7:2014 Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend test)
EN 13523-8:2010 Resistance to salt spray
EN 13523-9:2014 Resistance to water immersion
EN 13523-10:2010 Resistance to fluorescent UV radiation and water condensation
EN 13523-11:2011 Resistance to solvents (Rubbing test)
EN 13523-12:2004 Resistance to scratching
EN 13523-13:2014 Resistance to accelerated ageing by the use of heat
EN 13523-14:2014 Chalking (Helmen method)
EN 13523-15:2002 Metamerism (apparent color of objects)
EN 13523-16:2004 Resistance to abrasion
EN 13523-17:2011 Adhesion of strippable films
EN 13523-18:2002 Resistance to staining
EN 13523-19:2011 Panel design and method of atmospheric exposure testing
EN 13523-20:2011 Foam adhesion
EN 13523-21:2010 Evaluation of outdoor exposed panels
EN 13523-22:2010 Colour difference, visual comparison
EN 13523-23:2002 Colour stability in humid atmospheres containing sulfur dioxide
EN 13523-24:2004 Resistance to blocking and pressure marking
EN 13523-25:2014 Resistance to humidity
EN 13523-26:2014 Resistance to condensation of water
EN 13523-27:2009 Resistance to humid poultice (Cataplasm test)
EN 13523-29:2010 Resistance to environmental soiling (Dirt pick-up and striping)